Reduce the risk of company data loss

Physical things can usually be replaced. But company data can be lost forever. We provide the backup solution that suits your business, whether you use file servers or store your data in the cloud.

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How to get started


After a consultation with you, our experts will determine which kind of solution suits your business and how much storage space you require. You will receive a no-obligation quote based on this.


Our team assists your company in the software installation process which automates your data backup. The first backup is created, and your system is now ready.


Your company data now has automated backup in real time, without the need for manual processes. Should an incident occur, all your business data can be recovered quickly, with the help of our service team if preferred.

Both large corporations & small companies choose to work with us.

KeepItSafe is one of the leading global providers of data backup services for business. We have specialised in solutions that are suitable for both small independent businesses as well as large corporations who want safe storage in Irish data centres. Our European head office is in Oslo.

We can serve both large and small companies because we are not associated with rigid technical platforms, but use multiple standards based on our customers’ needs. For example, KeepItSafe is one of the biggest global customers of Veeam, one of our backup software vendors. At the same time, we also use a number of other robust systems to transfer backups to our servers, based on each customer’s needs.

Aa a KeepItSafe customer, regardless of company size, you have access to our service team who are experts on data storage and recovery.

We have the solution for your business.

Automatic backup secures your company data against...

  • Downtime as a result of a data breach
  • Data corruption as a result of ransomware
  • Fire and physical theft. Lightning strike/voltage surge
  • System error
  • Downtime or fault with a cloud provider
  • Human error such as deleting or overwriting important files

Did you know that proper backup is just as important even if you use cloud services? If the worst should happen, the majority of providers waive any responsibility for your data, which means you could be left high and dry if your data is lost, even though it is not your fault.

Technical Solution

  • Through data deduplication, compression and delta differencing, we reduce the backup traffic across the whole of your network.
  • Backup critical servers continuously, and less important servers when deemed necessary (every minute, hour, day, week or month).
  • Version control of files: keep as many copies as you need. Back up as often as needed.
  • Constant analysis of the system in order to expose system damage such as defect RAID controllers, file systems, operating system errors, disc subsystems, or network packet loss, etc.
  • Dedicated Account Managers are available to help you in every aspect of protecting your data: analysis, design, configuration and installation, surveillance and notifications of online backups, data recovery, data centre security, and account management.

KeepitSafe can create backups from Exchange, Windows, VMware, Hyper-V, SQL servers, enterprise apps, mobile devices, cloud-based programs and other environments. We offer complete protection of files, programs or machines.

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